Month: August 2020

Hen Packages For The Jazz Fest

Are you planing to bring your hens night to Jazz fest? Magicmen are offering a show for free to all hens that visit Jazz Fest.

There are a variety of factors to consider when planning a Hen’s Night, but the most important thought should be about what the bride wants! If you’re struggling to come up with ideas, then scroll through our packages and blog for some inspiration!

Is the bride a quiet and reserved person, or maybe she’s loud and outgoing? Either way, her personality will play a big role in the type of package you choose. It can be hard to please both the Hen and her group sometimes, but as the Maid of Honour it is your job to ensure she is comfortable and happy with the choices you make for her special day with her friends! We can offer recommendations for the type of package, topless waiter and stripper would best be suited to your group!

Hen’s packages can also help you establish a budget for your event. This will assist all your girls to plan their expenses ahead of time, something many people appreciate. Sure, weddings don’t happen every day and are cause for celebration – but knowing the budget is part of celebrating responsibly. Choosing a party package also keeps everyone informed about what’s happening. There’s no confusion about schedules; just follow the itinerary and enjoy the big night…